Viking Shield
Unreal Engine 4 Render

Unreal Engine 4 Render

Game ready Viking Shield
-creating the base mesh in 3ds max
-import base mesh to Zbrush to create the high poly and fine details. Decimate, export back to 3ds max
-retopology, UVW Unwrap, optimize the mesh (at least I have one LOD stage)
-bake all my maps in Substance Painter (AO exploded and Non exploded, because I need those interpolate shadows for extra details)
-procedural texturing inside Substance Painter
-some touch/es by hand
-rendered in Marmoset Toolbag
-Marmoset Toolbag viewer (for the shield)
-final shot with other assets in Unreal Engine 4
-11k tris
-one texture set 4k

I hope you like it, I'm open for any suggestions!